Tax-Free IRA Gifts

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A Tax-Wise Way to Help the Franciscans ~ IRA owners now have the option of satisfying their required minimum distribution with an easy-to-arrange IRA gift to qualified nonprofit organizations, like the Franciscans of St. John the Baptist Province.

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Br. Mike Dubec expecting angels

Advent and Christmas, Jesus, Prayer, Saint Francis

A memory of Christmas Past ~ Obie and Mae Parker!  They gave me a great opportunity to demonstrate Christmas hospitality at an age in my young life when I had little notion of such a thing.  What was under…

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St. Al's goes out to help the homeless

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Br. Michael Radomski comforting a man in despair. With a backpack full of prayers ~ Br. Michael Radomski shoulders his backpack, steps out into the Detroit sunshine – and stops in his tracks. “First, we pray,” he says, then…

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St. Anthony, a spiritual bloodhound

Jesus, Newsletter, Prayer, Saint Anthony

 Patricia found a ‘miraculous friend’ in St. Anthony ~ As a convert, I had never heard of St. Anthony until middle age. However, I soon found a ‘miraculous friend’ in him. He has found many misplaced and lost things for…

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