Fr. Larry Zurek, OFM

News, Prayer, Vocations

”Parish Ministry has been my blessing.” Fr. Larry Zurek, reflects on his career as a parish priest, as he prepares to leave his 11 years work in Peoria, Ill serving two inner city parishes, Sacred Heart and

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Fr. Cyprian Berens, OFM

Prayer, Senior Friars

  Fr. Cyprian Berens, OFM, greets Pope John Paul II in 1989 Not everyone can say they have met Popes and Saints   Though quite humble about it, Fr. Cyprian Berens, OFM has photos of himself with Pope John…

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Fr. Gil Wohler, OFM “He offered Mass in Zulu!”

Missions, Prayer, Senior Friars

Fr. Gil Wohler, OFM Doing a retrospective on oneself can be daunting!  Fr. Gil Wohler seemed to be taken back when asked to be interviewed.  He is more comfortable flying under the radar. Though initially reticent, he soon shared…

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Fr. Robert wouldn't give up on his dream

Advent and Christmas, Missions, News

  Fr. Robert Seay, OFM Fr. Robert Seay, OFM always dreamed of being a Franciscan priest.   It took him, however, a little longer than most to realize his dream.  Fr. Robert is African American, one of two in the…

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Br. Dominic Lococo, OFM

Prayer, Saint Anthony, Senior Friars

Br. Dominic Lococo, OFM For 60 years Br. Dominic Lococo has followed St. Francis.  He has been his Brothers’ Keeper, taking care of body and soul (sic).   As a Tertiary Brother, he was a tailor and…

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St. Anthony hears your prayer no matter where you are!

Prayer, Saint Anthony

Jim Scheeler, a brother of SJB Provincial Minister Fr. Jeff Scheeler, is a Kroger Grocery Store Manager.  He was interrupted on a busy day to assist an elderly lady to find her car keys. Pope John XXIII   He tried…

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Fr. Mark Soehner, OFM

Advent and Christmas, Missions, Prayer, Saint Anthony, Saint Francis, Vocations

TRIED BY FIRE   Fr. Mark Soehner, OFM Director of Franciscan Postulants, Fr. Mark Soehner is a survivor in more ways than one.  While pastoring an inner city parish in Detroit, MI., he took an antiquated elevator from the…

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The Veteran Pastor


Fr. Mike Chowning, OFM Fr. Michael Chowning, OFM, is a veteran pastor.  He has served the people of Mother of Good Counsel (MOGC) parish in Hazard, Kentucky for 21 years.  “And I will be here as long as…

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Volunteers Make Forever Friends in Jackson, KY

Advent and Christmas, Missions, Prayer

Volunteers from St. John the Baptist parish in Harrison, Ohio, outside one of the homes they visit during their annual Christmas trip to Jackson, Kentucky. Friends are Friends Forever!   For the thirteenth year, youth and adults from…

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Br. Colin King, OFM

Missions, Saint Francis, Vocations

Colin King, 33, is a spirited young friar in the second year of temporary vows. He is a man who takes life as it presents itself, no matter how big the challenge. He has had some rough experiences in…

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