Building Hope

Help us build a vital Catholic school for children in Jamaica

Fr. Colin King, OFM, has been serving in Jamaica for ____ years and is spearheading this school building endeavor for the children of Revival.

Fr. Colin was a special education teacher in Cincinnati, Ohio, for seven years before joining the friars. He understands the critical need to reach these children at an early age and time of development.

Plans are underway to transform a field of rocks and overgrown grass in this rural area into a modern well-equipped facility to provide 3-6 year old children with the basic foundation of education and strong moral values. The school will also ensure early childhood Catholic education remains viable moving into the future. Without this school, there are no other options. These young children would not go to school.

Well-equipped and modern in Revival means the building will be brick, there will be electricity and there will be indoor bathrooms. Lunch will also be provided which is often times the only real meal of the day for many of the children.

Fr. Colin explains more about the need for this school in the zoom interview below with Ryan Lopez of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.