Fr. Alex’s St. Anthony story

Fr. Alex Kratz outside the St. Joseph Chapel on the Terra Sancta Campus in Pontiac, Michigan

Calling on St. Anthony

I remember it vividly. It was Saturday, June 8, 2013, less than a week before the Feast of St. Anthony. I drove to the church after a long day of appointments and was so tired that I decided to push back the seat of my car and take a power nap. Then I went into the church to prepare for evening Mass with our visiting missionary, Fr. Tom, from Food for the Poor. After Mass I was ready to drive home but faced a locked car and no keys!

I went back in and searched the church and the offices where we do our Holy Land ministry but had no luck. A kind parishioner gave me a ride home. I have no spare set so finding the keys was really important. The next morning I got a ride to the Sunday 8:00 am Mass. I reminded everyone about the upcoming St. Anthony Feast Day and told them that I lost my keys and as of yet, St. Anthony had not helped me find them.

After Mass I called AAA and the technician quickly unlocked the car. The keys were not in the car anywhere! I searched and searched.

So I prayed, “St. Anthony, help me find my car keys. You know I need them. I have no spare.”

My car seat was still pushed back from my power nap the day before and I thought that they may have accidentally fallen while I was napping. I said, “St. Anthony, help me!”

I looked at the stick shift and noticed a little piece of silver metal, barely noticeable sticking out. Gosh, I thought I had looked there before. I crawled into the middle of the car to look more closely and sure enough, there was the key—way down in a crevice. Anthony made sure I could see just a bit of it to find my key. I guess being groggy when I woke up, I didn’t even notice.

Thank you, St. Anthony!

(Fr. Alex Kratz, OFM, is a spiritual director at the Terra Sancta Campus in Pontiac, Michigan. He leads tours of the Holy Land through Terra Sancta Pilgrimages.)

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