Ann's name for St. Anthony, is "St. Wonderful"

Ann's name for St. Anthony, is "St. Wonderful"

St. Anthony

Hello, my name is Ann and St. Anthony is one of my favourite saints. I call him St. Wonderful because he finds everything I misplace, and I misplace a lot of stuff.

A couple of months ago I misplaced $3,000 worth of rings. For two months I searched everywhere. I kept praying to St. Anthony but I was getting anxious so I also asked St. Mary of the Cross to help as one of the rings was a St. Mary MacKillop commemoration ring of her Sainthood and it was blessed.

CLOCKI went back to my son’s place as I had been on holiday there at the time I misplaced my rings. I was dusting the dresser in the room where I slept and that's where I found my rings, hanging on a clock!

I just couldn't believe it and kept thanking St. Wonderful and St. Mary. I still to this day can't believe how good he is to me. I'm so grateful for such a wonderful Saint. St. Mary is also one of my favourite Saints.

God bless,


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