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You are kind and thoughtful
in so many ways…


Thank you for brightening the world
for so many.


Enjoy the video of the friars and staff.


–The friars and staff of the Province of St. John the Baptist


Please pray for the following intentions

Please please pray that my dad improves in breathing and can be taken off machines please st anthony. U have never let me down. Please I beg of you to show mercy on my dad. Please. We need him so much. Hes so scared. Please

Da, Wb - Thursday Jan, 18, 2018

Thank you for you prayers My grandson is now a full time security officer and will be working to become a full time office,thank you for opening another window. Please continue to pray for me that I am finished this year with no problems at work form the bullies and people i work with that are not very nice. please help my granddaughter her husband and family find you Jesus and get jobs and education to support the family.I pray to lord jesus

connie, mi - Thursday Jan, 18, 2018


Wednesday Jan, 17, 2018

"Over my life span he has helped me too numerous times to count," says John ...

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Wednesday Jan, 17, 2018

Watch our video of the Shrine. ...

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