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Drew's St. Anthony story


Why did St. Anthony seem so familiar?

St. Anthony of Padua

St. Anthony of Padua is one of the Catholic Church’s most popular saints. Saint Anthony of Padua, patron saint of lost and stolen articles, was a powerful Franciscan preacher and teacher. He’s typically portrayed holding the child Jesus—or a lily—or a book—or all three—in his arms.

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The Shrine

“Mt. Airy” is the familiar name for the National Shrine of St. Anthony and Friary sitting on a hill above Cincinnati. The shrine had its start in the late 1880s, when Joseph and Elizabeth Nurre bought what was then a country estate for $18,000 and gave it to the Franciscan friars.

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About the Friars

The 130 friars of St. John the Baptist Province (SJB) are members of the Order of Friars Minor. We are a Franciscan brotherhood inspired by the 13th-century example of St. Francis of Assisi. We serve the Catholic Church as brothers and priests in a communal life of poverty, prayer, and service to others.

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Prayer Requests

Monday Jun, 17, 2019
st Anthony justice for my mom bless us today
Monday Jun, 17, 2019
The urgently need to conclude the secure sale of our property. please pray for this intention.
val s
Monday Jun, 17, 2019
Thank u st anthony for prayers answered keep me my mother and son happy healthy safe and patient. Let my new life in Florida be good I love and trust in you
Nancy s.
Monday Jun, 17, 2019
My credit improves we find a place to move we get jobs pay off creditors
Diane P.
Monday Jun, 17, 2019
St. Anthony of Pauda, please pray that the two bags left at the airport will be retrieved /found.
Audrey Jacob
Monday Jun, 17, 2019
St Anthony I need you to help me with this request for my leg hip knee and backside be better without operation. I may need a miracle but you are a saint of miracles and I believe you will help me get a miracle . Let my vertigo go away Let my leg be better todsy take away the pain for this I prsy intercede to Jesus for me ro ask our heavenly Father to please hear my prayer I need help no operations. Let my medical papers come today for summer I pray
Mary P
Monday Jun, 17, 2019
Please pray that my family lives long, happy, healthy and safe lives. Please pray that my husband makes wise decisions. Please pray that my students improved greatly on their state test in my class from the previous year.
Monday Jun, 17, 2019
Please pray for help for me and my husband
Monday Jun, 17, 2019
St Anthony I am finding jobs in school.Please help me and pray for me to find job asap.
Monday Jun, 17, 2019
Please let my bankruptcy go smoothly so I can get past this stage of my life and move on to rebuild for me and my family. Please help my new boss be understanding towards me and help me to not let him down. Amen
Monday Jun, 17, 2019
Please pray for and heal Liz, Turk, H and me. Keep us safe and healthy; helpcus to be happy and to thrive. Please help Liz to respond well to medication and relive her depression and anxiety and help her to be happy. Help Turk to do well with insulin and be healthy. I pray that H to quits smoking and engages with the world and please, please relieve my anxiety and stress! Help me to get everything done and to have peace of mind and spirit. Please pray for us and help us! Thank you!
Nancy B
Monday Jun, 17, 2019
Here for the last 8 days of our trip here. For God to help us spend our time wisely
Monday Jun, 17, 2019
Visiting relatives here. Went to my cousins for lunch yesterday. Her husband has always had atrocious personal hygiene. Yesterday was no exception I will spare details. Anyway, I am having flashbacks of grossness. And, thought he was sexually inappropriate. To be able to let go. That he will receive God’s Grace and change
Monday Jun, 17, 2019
Dear St Anthony , I pray for your blessings and intercession to be offered a financially stable and legal job in Australia for I want to start a new life abroad . Guide me and give me strength and will to change my life . Your blessings , guidance and love will always be thanked , praised and remembered . In Jesus Name I Pray, Amen.
Monday Jun, 17, 2019
Please let our team members at work .....
Nina V
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