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Thank you!  We are most grateful!

Your gifts helped us exceed the $10,000 St. Anthony Bread matching gift challenge.

Over $20,000 will now be used to help the poor and neglected because of your kindness.

God bless you!


Please pray for the following intentions

Please pray for complete and total cure of my daughter's kidney disease, excellent education and job, happy married life with kids, Hari's happy married life with kids, health, admissions into the best medical schools for my daughter and son, US citizenship for my wife Vasu, no pain or suffering for my mother, health, long life, peace and prosperity for my daughter, son, my wife, my mom and myself, winning in my Indian property case and high paying job for myself in the name of Jesus.

Ryan, Blaine - Monday Jun, 26, 2017

Please I thank u for being above ground help me i am losing my mind I am sick with breast pain my house is falling apart no body care if there a blessing please help me st Anthony I guess my faith is so strong in god I know he be there for me watch over my love one please help me I need your angle to look down but who am I to complain when ever u can get to me I will be most gracias amen

Lorraine B, Chicago - Monday Jun, 26, 2017


Thursday Jun, 08, 2017

Fr. Mark Soehner, OFM, leads new leadership team. ...

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Thursday Jun, 08, 2017

Marie is grateful for St. Anthony's intercession ...

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