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Your gift goes twice as far during October with a matching gift from the Jasper Foundation! Since 20009, the Jasper Foundation has graciously offered us a $10,000 challenge grant for donations offered through this month! This means that your $50 gift becomes $100, and your $100 gift becomes $200, and so on.

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Fr. Cyprian, age 93, tooling around on his scooter.

Fr. Cyprian, 93, tooling around on his scooter.


Please pray for the following intentions

Dear Saint Anthony, I, Cynthia P., ask you to please intercede for me, and ask Lord Jesus Christ to miraculously heal, protect, and guide my mother, Donna P. and her pets; Thomas Arnold, Debora, and Thomas Frederick K.., and their pets; Paul, Valerie, Kirsten, and William D., and their pets; Richard M.; Julio C; Gaby B; and I. Please also ask Lord Jesus Christ to bless each of us with divine prosperity and divine assistance. Thank you. Amen.

Cynthia P. - Friday Oct, 20, 2017

Please ask God to join Tom and Amy together in Gods love. Please pray that God save her from the shackles of Satan and that she find happiness, joy, and love in the word of God. Please ask God to have her reach out to the one who has always been there for her. Please ask God to help her mother, Helen, who is filled with bitterness and insecurities to learn to not be involved in every affair of Amys but to live her remaining days seeking Gods grace and mercy.

Tom, IL - Friday Oct, 20, 2017


Thursday Oct, 12, 2017

Pet blessings for the Feast of St. Francis ...

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Thursday Oct, 12, 2017

Friars' responses to the tragic shooting in Las Vegas. ...

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