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St. Anthony of Padua

St. Anthony of Padua is one of the Catholic Church’s most popular saints. Saint Anthony of Padua, patron saint of lost and stolen articles, was a powerful Franciscan preacher and teacher. He’s typically portrayed holding the child Jesus—or a lily—or a book—or all three—in his arms.

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The Shrine

“Mt. Airy” is the familiar name for the National Shrine of St. Anthony and Friary sitting on a hill above Cincinnati. The shrine had its start in the late 1880s, when Joseph and Elizabeth Nurre bought what was then a country estate for $18,000 and gave it to the Franciscan friars.

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About the Friars

The 130 friars of St. John the Baptist Province (SJB) are members of the Order of Friars Minor. We are a Franciscan brotherhood inspired by the 13th-century example of St. Francis of Assisi. We serve the Catholic Church as brothers and priests in a communal life of poverty, prayer, and service to others.

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Prayer Requests

Tuesday May, 21, 2019
6**** 260th st
John A
Tuesday May, 21, 2019
Please help me get money to pay debts off to people I owe money to also help to do will at work and provide good life for my wife and kids and for all of my other intentions amen
Tuesday May, 21, 2019
Please pray that I pass the test I take today. Please pray that I passed my clinical skills test. And please pray that I pass my second set of boards. Thank you.
Tuesday May, 21, 2019
Please pray that my family lives long, happy, healthy and safe lives. Please pray that my kids have good days and their anxieties decrease. Please pray that my husband makes wise decisions and feels better. Please pray for protection of my family from dangers including weather.
Tuesday May, 21, 2019
Please St Anthony, hear my prayers and help my son to get employment and be happy in life. You have always listened and answered my prayers. I have so much trust and faith in you. Thank ou.
Tuesday May, 21, 2019
St Anthony, please intercede for me in my studies. This is my final year and I'm finding it hard to concentrate on my studies and getting easily distracted.
Davidson J
Tuesday May, 21, 2019
Dear St Anthony please do a miracle and help migrate to a diffrent country .
Rachel D
Tuesday May, 21, 2019
Dear Saint Anthony, Please have Allan T forgive our fight and miss me enough to reach out. Amen.
Laura H
Tuesday May, 21, 2019
For a job
Jerome .b
Tuesday May, 21, 2019
Please pray for me and my family making a big move please pray it all works out
Anne L
Tuesday May, 21, 2019
Please st anthony pray. For me my mother and my son keep us healthy safe patient and happy please let my move to Florida be smooth keep me happy I love and trust in you always
Nancy s.
Tuesday May, 21, 2019
Thank you for the many blessings in our lives. Thank you for holding and keeping us. Please help him with his work and help him to make success. Let him be appreciated. Please help h and I. Help y and k. Help me to heal. Help with my fears and anxieties so I can be strong and wise. Help with p and b so I can work hard and help, help l and p. Pray for g,b,m,a,l,p,j,h,c,d,d,d,g,l,f,ml,ms,sh,f,jd,s,d,,d,n,w,s, I am grateful and need help. Ty sa and f.
Tuesday May, 21, 2019
Through the intercessions of Saint Joseph of Cupertino, Saint Anthony, Saint Vincent dePaul and Saint Jude please pray that I may succeed on my History final exam. Please pray that I don’t go to summer school and that I may graduate on time with the rest of the seniors. I am so stressed. Please pray for my mom too. My mom and I are awaiting a miracle.
Tuesday May, 21, 2019
Please pray for and heal Liz, Turk, H and me. Please keep us safe and healthy; help us to be happy and to thrive. Help Liz to respond well to medication and heal her depression and anxiety. Help Turk to respond to insulin and regain weight and health. Please help H to quit smoking and take care of himself. Please relieve my anxiety and stress and resolve my problems at work and home quickly and easily. Thank you for your help and prayers!
Nancy B
Tuesday May, 21, 2019
Pllease pray for my husband
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