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Oops! St. Anthony found our lost page.

St Anthony Lent
Our Lent with Saint Anthony pocket booklet is perfect in many ways, but we recently discovered that it is missing the page for First Saturday of Lent. Click here to see the page and download it for your booklet.

Visit the St. Anthony Shrine.

Check out our video and see why so many find solace in this hidden gem in Cincinnati.

Walk the grounds, light a candle and just take it all in.


Please pray for the following intentions

St.Anthony, please come to my aide. My life is getting difficult every day. My marriage is not working, my business is not working, I am feeling lonely and lost. I feel like a loser. Please St.Anthony I need your help and your blessings upon me and my life. Please pray for me

Jeson M, India - Tuesday Feb, 20, 2018

I pray that Marina's surgery will be successful today

PFF - Tuesday Feb, 20, 2018


Tuesday Feb, 13, 2018

Kids share the fun at Friars Club. ...

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Monday Feb, 12, 2018

Are you looking to become a friar? ...

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