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Mardi Gras Fundraiser celebrated St. Anthony Quad Beer

Mardi Gras

Friars Frank Jasper, Al Hirt, and Jeff Scheeler toast the release of St. Anthony’s Quad Beer


Please pray for the following intentions

Dear God, please help Danny to stop drinking and please heal his mind, body, and spirit...and I pray that his left arm will be able to move normal again. I pray that mike w. will be moved to a nursing home, please help Danny...he can't take care of mike...he is not a nurse..I ask this in my Savior Jesus Christ's Holy Name, Amen

peggy k - Saturday Mar, 25, 2017

Please my beloved S Anthony I beg you asks Jesus to heal my depression , I am in urgent need of prayers Love Maria ines

Maria i, Argentina - Saturday Mar, 25, 2017


Tuesday Mar, 14, 2017

Lent is upon us, a time of prayer, reflection, and unity with God. But sometimes we miss important aspects of this holy season ...

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Monday Mar, 13, 2017

St. Anthony, the key to finding what is lost. ...

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