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Advent-2017Daily Reflections for Advent with the Blessed Mother

We are happy to bring you the 2017 pocket book of daily reflections for Advent. This year, we honor our Blessed Mother with Wait in Joyful Hope, created by our friends at Franciscan Media.

To receive your free booklet, send your name and address to and we’ll mail you your copy today. Or call Colleen Cushard at 513-721-4700 ext 3219.

Offer valid in the US only. If you live outside of the US, contact us for the electronic version.


Please pray for the following intentions

please pray goodday at work julia love and happiness james love and anger issues subside

sheilar, canada - Saturday Dec, 16, 2017

Prayers for Ashlee, Belle & Isaiah to reunite with mommy Laura soon. Ashlee & Leslie well being

Joe & Pompey, Ca. - Saturday Dec, 16, 2017


Thursday Dec, 14, 2017

Tax-free IRA gifts ...

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Monday Dec, 11, 2017

Br. Mike Dubec remembers a Christmas Past ...

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