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Fr. Cyprian, age 93, tooling around on his scooter.

Fr. Cyprian, 93, tooling around on his scooter.


Please pray for the following intentions

Dearly Beloved Jesus, Our Savior Our nation is in a troubling state. It appears apparent there is much corruption within our government and throughout society. In the wake of natural disasters, instead of wondering "Where is God?" we believe You are spurring us into action to instigate changes. However, we feel helpless, insignificant. So we pray for You to assist in major changes to occur especially within our government process, to eliminate corruption, creating a more honest nation. Amen

Annette S, Hudson, Wisconsin - Tuesday Oct, 17, 2017

My son is in a difficult situation with girlfriend and new baby. They are overwhelmed with challenges that come with going to school full time, working and building relationship together.The girlfriend has a mother who is overbearing and controlling. The girlfriend is used to her mother making all of her choices and running to her mother when in a tight situation.The girlfriend has depression, anxiety, my son has anger. Pray for God's Will to intervene, God change their hearts, cool tempers.

Michelle S - Tuesday Oct, 17, 2017


Thursday Oct, 12, 2017

Pet blessings for the Feast of St. Francis ...

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Thursday Oct, 12, 2017

Friars' responses to the tragic shooting in Las Vegas. ...

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