Revival Project Testimonial

Revival Project Testimonial

The following is a testimonial from Bill Wallwork, supporter of the Franciscan Friars, the Jamaica Mission, and the Revival School Project.

If you arrive early enough at the Franciscan Mission of Mary Gate of Heaven Catholic Church in Negril, Westmoreland, Jamaica, you may catch Father Colin heading out for the day. If you arrive later in the evening, you may catch Father Colin darting in for a late dinner.  This is common when I visit Father Colin and the Franciscan Friars in Jamaica. 

Father Colin is busy all day, but his work is far from just busy work.  He works as the Chairman of Revival Primary School. He also works as Pastor of St. Mary Catholic Church in Revival and St. Julie Billiart Catholic Church in Orange Hill. He continues his work as Episcopal Vicar of Education for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Montego Bay. And these are just his formal assignments. He has a lot of other “irons in the fire” as well. 

One of those other projects is building a new “infant department” for children ages 3 to 6. Jamaican children often start school at age 3 and these schools are called “infant departments.”  I have had the honor of working with Father Colin on this project from a donor perspective.  This initiative is several years in the making. Father Colin’s patience, hard work, and professionalism in just this one project has been impressive to say the least. 

I come from a business background where I must explain to my clients why and how much I have spent to deliver a finished product they may or may not buy.  Father Colin brings value, ethics, and a keen eye for costs that has brought comfort to me as a donor.  I know he is watching how and where the investments should best be made for the “biggest bang” for, not just the dollar, but also the time and effort as well.  He is open to educating himself or asking others for the “benchmark” practices on his projects.  Take one walk around the Revival Primary School and you can see the difference between it and other Jamaican schools and institutions. Even its appearance—that pride of ownership—is a cut above. I argue that a big piece of that difference is Father Colin’s involvement. 

Father Colin brings to Jamaica his actions, choices, decisions, and relationships. The people who work with him in his preteen and teenage groups and programs. These teens voluntarily spend a day with local police officers, the justice of the peace, teachers, and other professionals. The program is impactful on two fronts: the young people are shown role models from their own community who are giving 100% of themselves to serve others and teaching a way of life that is respectful, responsible, rewarding, and enjoyable.  At the same time, it impacts these professionals by reassuring them that they are not alone, that they are on the right path, that they are making a difference, and—in the process—it positively challenges them to do even better. Father Colin has been behind this project since day one. 

His accomplishments all have one thing in common: every student, parent, and parishioner knows who he is. Most also know what he stands for and that he is someone that brings the spiritual perspective to this confusing world. This helps people navigate their world and community where they may see people helping but the motive is not clear nor is it always in everyone’s best interest.  Father Colin is unwaveringly “for them.” He is there for the struggling and the confident alike, showing a path that people are searching for or did not know even existed. 

I am a supporter of Father Colin, because of his results, because of his commitment, because of his leadership and because of his faith. I hope you’ll consider supporting him and this project as well. 

Bill Wallwork 



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