BLINK 2019

BLINK 2019

Blink at Music Hall

Light exhibit at Washington Park and Memorial Hall for BLINK 2017

St. Francis Seraph Church at Liberty and Vine will be open to the public for BLINK 2019, a four-day event, October 10-13, featuring large-scale projection mapping installations, murals, urban artscapes, media light and interactive art in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

Christian Moerlein Tap Room at 1621 Moore Street has partnered with St. Francis Seraph Parish to offer complete Italian spaghetti dinners (Adult dinner $10, children $5). Proceeds to support St. Francis Seraph School.

St. Francis Seraph Ministries at 1615 Republic Street will be open and offer water and restroom facilities. A photo and story exhibit, REFLECTIONS, will be on display in the St. Mother Teresa dining hall.


Annunciation painted on wall

A mural of the Annunciation on the Pleasant Street friary from BLINK 2017

BLINK is one of the largest light, art and projection mapping events in the nation spanning 30+ city blocks, from the Kentucky River Banks to Cincinnati’s Findlay Market. BLINK is free and open to the public – no tickets are required.

For BLINK 2017, the Annunciation based on the fresco in the Basilica of St. Mary of the Angels in Assisi, Italy, was painted on the Pleasant Street Friary. Read the story here.

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