Carmen relies on her friend, Tony

Carmen relies on her friend, Tony

Thank You Tony. We are on a first name basis

Dear Franciscan Friars,

Thank you for all that you do.

Sometime ago my telephone was not working properly and I couldn’t find someone to help me. I prayed and prayed to St. Anthony and thought I would just let it go and see what would happen. In Spanish we say “Que sera, sera” (What will be, will be).

Woman driving car

"He always finds me a parking space."

Lo and behold, several days, maybe two weeks later, the phone was working! Thank you Tony. (We are on a first name basis).

He finds me parking places in the most crowded parking lots every time and close to the entrance. He has done this for years!

My mother would send donations to St. Anthony Bread and now I am sending you some money.

Again thank you for all you do.

Most sincerely,


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