Our Everyday Heroes

Our Everyday Heroes

DeaconDeacon Fred Morris and his wife Madge are long time residents of Savanna la Mar.  For the past four years Deacon Fred and Madge have been totally dedicated to the people of the small sugar plantation congregation of St Mark Roman Catholic Church in Grange Hill, Westmoreland, Jamaica.

Deacon leads the Sunday liturgy on alternating Sundays when Fr. Max Langenderfer, OFM, celebrates the Eucharist at St Joseph Church in Savannah la Mar.  Madge is the constant companion of Deacon Fred and helps teach the St Mark children as well as assisting with the Readings during the Sunday liturgies.  Deacon knows the local community well especially the Catholic shut-ins.  He and Sr. Provencia regularly visit the shut-ins with Holy Communion and food packages.  Deacon is active in whatever functions the parish council organizes and is often the backbone of parish activites especially the yearly HARVEST.

Jamaica Deacon oversees many of the maintenance activities for the church.  On two occasions when more than 200 panes of window louver glass were broken by vandals, Deacon took the lead in cleaning up the damage and repairing some of the broken panes.

He organized the repair of the collapsing floors in some shut-ins houses.  Deacon Fred's simple, humble dedication and spirit of service to the people of Grange Hill is an inspiration to all of us in the Catholic parishes of Westmoreland.

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