Devotion to St. Anthony begins at a young age

Devotion to St. Anthony begins at a young age

"I rely on him incredibly"

St. Anthony has been my special saint since I was 5 years old. One day, at the beach we lost the cap to the blow up raft and it wouldn't hold air.

My grandmother stopped my brother and me and my two cousins and had us hold hands and say a prayer to St. Anthony. We thought she was ridiculous, trying to find such a small item in so much sand. We proceeded to comb through the sand and within 3 minutes it was located.

I continued to pray to Saint Anthony and he became my saint for confirmation. We prayed to St. Anthony at the beginning of each day when my kids were little, and my daughter chose St. Anthony as her saint for confirmation, too. My family had the opportunity to go to Padua twice to visit his shrine. He is very important to our family. I rely on him incredibly and have since I was young.

St. Anthony Shrine in Cincinnati, Ohio

My daughter was in a horribly unhealthy relationship and despite our family supporting her and doing what we could to love her no matter what; it escalated and things became very bad. We thought we were going to lose her. I began the 9 day novena and she came back to us on day 6... and eventually was able to end the relationship.

I continued the novena over and over and this week will be 72 consecutive novenas... every single day since that one day. He is truly a miracle worker and continues to perform miracles in our family’s lives. We all feel his presence. I live in Vermont and plan to make it to Ohio to the shrine. Two kids in college... it may be a while. But I do go to the shrine in Boston at least 3 times per year.

I very much look forward to the day I arrive at his shrine in Ohio. In the meantime, thank you for the work you do to help continue St. Anthony’s miraculous work.


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