Father Colin shares how Bok Spots are helping kids learn.

Father Colin shares how Bok Spots are helping kids learn.

A place for learning

The Coronavirus Pandemic has prevented children in Jamaica from learning in their normal classrooms.

Friar and technician bump elbows

Fr. Colin bumps elbows with the technician who installed the wi-fi at the Bok Spots

While many schools around the world have offered virtual learning through the internet, many students in Jamaica have no access to the internet because of the lack of wi-fi and/or computers. The hardest hit are the rural "bush" area of Jamaica.

In this video, Fr. Colin King, OFM, introduces us to "Bok Spots" named in honor of Fr. Jim Bok and his over 10 years of service to the people of Jamaica which includes many programs to aid students seeking an education.

Cornerstone Jamaica has been very helpful in providing the wi-fi access to the Bok Spots.

In the Bok Spots, teachers and students practice social distancing and use computers for many of their lessons. The students still get the positive instruction and encouragement from interacting teachers in the schools.

students with computers

Students at the Bok Spots use laptops, tablets, or cell phones to access their online lessons.


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