The "Other Brown" needs St. Anthony too

The "Other Brown" needs St. Anthony too

Enjoy this story from one of our Facebook followers


'St Anthony of Padua' by Benozzo Gozzoli (1421-1497) Public domain

'St Anthony of Padua' by Benozzo Gozzoli (1421-1497) Public domain

One cold Snowy/Icy day in a suburban Detroit Parish, I was visiting the maintenance man when the UPS driver who had just made a delivery, came back in to say he had to use the phone to call his boss as he couldn't find the keys to his truck!

The maintenance man, me, and driver went back out and combed through the 8" of snow & slush around his truck for a half hour with no luck.

So I say to the driver, "St. Anthony has never failed me.."

I told him to say a quick prayer to him which he did.  We decided to go back out one more time to look, and Saints be praised!  They were sitting pretty as can be right on the bumper in plain sight!  He called his boss back and said never mind St. Anthony had found the keys!

Would like to have seen the look on his boss' face....

-- Mike

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