I Must Tell Someone My Saint Anthony Story

I Must Tell Someone My Saint Anthony Story

Today as I started out on my walk, I crossed our half acre field pulling my rosary (a red beaded rosewood rosary) from my pocket to begin walking.  It was all intact.  I crossed two roads and toddled down the country road to visit a small lake while praying.  About one third of the way by the woods, I stopped to breathe deeper and enjoy the deer tracks.  Fingering my rosary, I notice something missing—the whole beginning crucifix, Our Father and Hail Mary beads gone. Oh my.  How sad!  When? Where? 

My walk is slow and in the snow, so I turn around and backtrack looking intensely for red beads and a crucifix asking St. Anthony to help me find it.  Nearly back to the street, I’m ready to give up so I turn around and saying my “Angelus” I hear the noon church bells and continue my rosary and aim for the lake area.  It is so calm and peaceful and starting to freeze over now.  On my way back when I finish the rosary, I do intercessions to Mary, the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and many saints.  Then turn once again to St. Anthony.  In the country, we always walk against traffic as a safety measure but about two thirds of the way through the wooded area, the Holy Spirit and St Anthony told me to cross over and retrace the remainder of my route. In only 8-10 steps, intensely interceding “St. Anthony, help me find the crucifix and beads please,” there they were in the snow by my boot.  Breathlessly I said, "Thank you St Anthony, thank you, thank you."

Dolores, Michigan

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