Join Us for a Weeklong Celebration of St. Anthony!

Join Us for a Weeklong Celebration of St. Anthony!


many images of St. Anthony of Padua

Fr. David Convertino, OFM, will explore St. Anthony of Padua's life, miracles, prayers, preaching, and much more in a thought-provoking new video series beginning June 6, 2023, and ending on St. Anthony's Feast Day (June 13, 2023).

Fr. David will cover:

  • June 6The Life of St. Anthony—This video will explore the life of St. Anthony and relate his life of broken dreams and resurrections to ours.
  • June 7Images of St. Anthony—There are many different images of St. Anthony, and we will reflect on some of them and how they help us in our devotion and understanding of this great saint.
  • June 8Basilica of St. Anthony of Padua—St. Anthony’s tomb, his final resting place, has been opened and his followers have discovered many interesting facts about him and how his deep relationship with God developed.
  • June 9The Unfailing Prayer to St. Anthony—St. Anthony’s “Unfailing Prayer” is prayed by his followers millions of times each day. We will reflect on the prayer, its meaning, and its impact on our prayer life.
  • June 10The Miracles of St. Anthony—St. Anthony is credited with many miracles during his life and after, down to the present day. We will reflect on how these miracles affect our life with God and our devotion to this great Wonder-Worker.
  • June 11Symbols of St. Anthony: The Baby, The Book, The Bread, and The Lily—Almost every statue of St. Anthony shows him with these famous symbols. What do they stand for and why are they so important in understanding his life and miraculous powers?
  • June 12The Death of St. Anthony—St. Anthony died in the small town of Arcella, Italy, on his way to his beloved Padua, where he had asked the friars to bring him to die. His death is celebrated as he went from life to eternal lifeand his prayers help bring each of us to the God he loved so much.
  • June 13Mass on the Feast of St. Anthony—We rejoice on this day that St. Anthony died and was born into eternal life with Christ.

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Sponsored by St. Anthony’s Guild and the Franciscan Friars of the USA. For more information call Jackie at 212-564-8799.

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