New member of Duns Scotus friary

New member of Duns Scotus friary

Happy and safe

Our founder, St Francis is the patron saint of animals.  The friars living in this friary love animals and wanted to adopt an animal from a local rescue shelter.   Say hello to Kody, the newest and possibly the cutest member of the Duns Scotus friary in Berkley, Michigan.  Kody is part German Shepherd and part Husky.

"Our new four-legged friar is a wonderful addition to our community," says Fr. Mike Lenz.  "We love him. Gentle as a lamb, and he seems very comfortable with us."

Looks like Kody is quite comfortable in his new home.  You  see who got most of the sofa for the picture.

The friars of Duns Scotus : Br. Mike Dubec, Kody, Fr. Dennet Jung, Fr. Mike Lenz, and (not shown) Br. Al Mascia who took the photo.


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