Prayers to St. Anthony restore diamond ring

Prayers to St. Anthony restore diamond ring

Loving hands

St. Anthony found S.R. a long, happy marriage
as well as her much-cherished engagement ring

Dear Fathers,

Enclosed is a donation in the amount of one hundred dollars ($100.00) to St. Anthony Bread in thanks for a lost object being found.  We had been out of town 300 miles from home where we stayed in a motel and shopped in a large department store.  Upon arriving home I noticed that my engagement ring was not on my finger.  We went through our luggage, the car, and the bags of items we had purchased several times.  It was nowhere to be found.

The following morning I called the motel and the department store.  The ring had not been turned in and I had little hope of its being found.  Of course, all this time I had been praying almost non-stop to St. Anthony.  One of the things the customer service person at the department store asked me as we were speaking the first time was if I believed in the Lord.  I said, “Yes.”  I think store policy probably discourages mentioning religion to customers, even in a indirect way, while the employee is working.  Yet she did.

She called back the second day to tell me the ring had been found.  I asked her if she knew who had found it or turned it in, she said, “No, it just turned up in my box this morning.”  I couldn’t believe it!  I don’t think it was just a coincidence that the customer service person was a believer and indirectly was saying I should pray for it to be found and that the next day it just appeared in her box.  I think it was a miracle.  In our final conversation she said that my prayers had been answered, and of course, I agreed, knowing that St. Anthony had heard my prayers.

We are celebrating our 61st anniversary this year, so it is a much-cherished ring.  Our thanks to St. Anthony for his help in it being returned.

-- S. R. in Pennsylvania

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