St. Anthony, evangelizing with a question and a smile

St. Anthony, evangelizing with a question and a smile

Where do lost items go?

In the mail several years ago I received a gift. St Anthony in a round disc that was an animated hologram and a key chain.

Anthony coinI hooked it on the zipper of my purse with a strong chain link and constantly got questions from Catholics and questions from non-Catholics which gave me the opportunity to share the story of his life with perfect strangers.

Then one day it was gone.

The heavy chain was also gone and I realized it was no accident. Someone had carefully detached it from my zipper. I looked everywhere I could think of retracing steps to no avail.

I talked to St. Anthony asking him to find it for me. Weeks passed. All my life, from childhood, he had always found lost objects for me.  Not this time. I missed the cheerful little disc that made people smile and found myself wondering where lost things go. I don’t know where the keychain went or how such a secure fastening was undone however I did have an answer from St. Anthony.

He gave me a sudden understanding that someone needed that little disc that brought a smile and left a question. Someone needed him. He’s still out there someplace evangelizing with a smile.


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