St. Anthony found my ring

St. Anthony found my ring


sapphire ring

I gave up the search

I had taken off my sapphire birthstone ring and was carrying it to my bedroom. When I got there, it was not in my hand. I searched for two hours. I went over and over my path. I turned the area rug upside down and looked under all the furniture. It had disappeared. I was upset.

I prayed to St. Anthony to help me find my ring, and then gave up the search. After 30 minutes, I started back to my bedroom. My ring was sitting in the middle of my front door area rug. It was extremely visible, and it could not have been there. I had turned this rug upside down, and gone past this rug many times in my search.

Thank you St. Anthony for finding my ring for me!

I am enclosing a donation for St. Anthony Bread for the Poor in gratitude.


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