St Anthony helps return miraculous medal

St Anthony helps return miraculous medal

necklace of medals

Chris' necklace: St. Teresa of Calcutta (blessed in Rome at her canonization), Miraculous Medal, Sacred Heart of Jesus (from her mom)

Strength in faith

I had taken off a necklace I wear “religiously” because I was working in the garden, and put the necklace in my pants pocket. It features a Miraculous Medal given to me by my twin sister and an old medal with a worn image of Jesus and His Sacred Heart, which I found in my mother’s cedar chest now sitting at my home. It is my strength that I call upon throughout the day.

dryer and laundry basketThe next day I reached for the necklace as I habitually do, but it wasn’t there. I checked my pants pocket, but it wasn’t there. I checked the clothes shoot where the pants had been and nothing. I checked the boxes under the clothes shoot, again nothing. I checked the garden where I had been working, and not there. I went to St. Anthony in prayer and continued to do so for months as I continued my search. My twin sister and my mom also prayed with me.

Finally, one weekend, while I was collecting laundry in the basement, a silver item caught my eye. There it was, my precious necklace! I had done many loads of laundry since losing it, and I truly believe that it wasn’t there. But St. Anthony, I believe, brought it back to me, safe and sound. Praise God and thank you St. Anthony!


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