St. Anthony helps with fury over files.

St. Anthony helps with fury over files.

Furious woman

Frustration at work

The auditors were in our office in January which frankly is never a lot of fun. They are very nice people, pleasant to work with, and do important work for us but with my already full work schedule, finding the items they need can be draining.

Woman sticking out tongueThey gave me a list of nine files they wanted to examine. I pulled eight of the nine files that they requested with no problem. But, one of the files was not in the drawer where it was supposed to be. I looked again and again and again. I was going crazy trying to find that file. I went through all of the drawers at least three times. I pulled out every single file and looked inside of each to see if one got stuck together. I even looked on shelves and in many places that I knew it was not going to be. It was just gone.

Excitted womanI was ready to give up and tell the auditors I could not find it when it occurred to me that I had not asked for St. Anthony’s help. I left the office, said a prayer to St. Anthony and calmed myself down. I kid you not, within minutes something told me to go upstairs and look up in the archives. I thought that was a bit useless but did it anyway. These are files that are basically in storage. I pulled open an old file cabinet, and there it was. I was so relieved.

How it got there I will never know.

How I found it was… St. Anthony.

Thanks St. Anthony for being there for me again.

C in Cincinnati

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