Teaching the Soul to Speak

Teaching the Soul to Speak

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“This volume of poems is dedicated to, among others, the city of Assisi,” Fr. Murray Bodo writes of his newest book, Teaching the Soul to Speak (Tau Publishing).

The book’s last section contains poems inspired by Murray’s 43 years on the staff of the Assisi Study Pilgrimage. “The years leading pilgrimages to Assisi have brought me to the source of one of my most frequent muses, Assisi itself and its environs that gave us Francis and Clare and became in my mind the icon and symbol of the geography and spirituality of the Franciscan vision and charism,” Murray says. “The other three sections of the book derive from the other three poles of my outer and inner world: the Southwest, The East, and Crossing the Ocean.”

To order your copy, visit: https://taupublishing.com/book-store/ols/products/teaching-the-soul-to-speak-fr-murray-bodo-ofm

Fr. Murray's website: http://www.murraybodo.com

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Murray Bodo and Assisi

Fr. Murray Bodo, OFM

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