Visiting St. Anthony

Visiting St. Anthony

Photos l-r: Painting of St. Anthony, the St. Anthony Shrine, statue of St. Anthony. Photos by Tonise

Devotion to St. Anthony

crucifix outdoors

The crucifix statue at the Shrine.

Tonise has great devotion to St. Anthony. Although the pandemic kept her from traveling to the St. Anthony Shrine in Padua, Italy, it didn’t stop her from a one-day pilgrimage to our St. Anthony Shrine in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Here’s what she has to say about her visit:

I traveled from Hartland, WI, to the St. Anthony Shrine and back in one day!

I said the Rosary outside by the crucifix statue and it was incredibly peaceful.

Besides helping me find "things," St. Anthony always helps me find my way.

Thank you for giving me a place to visit that didn't require crossing the ocean!

God bless you!


When she emailed us to get information and directions to the Shrine, she shared her St. Anthony story that happened that very day!

cross with diamond stones

Tonise's precious cross necklace

Today, I was on our lake with my husband and son. We watched Mass on my computer while out on the water. When we arrived back and were parking the boat, my necklace chain somehow got caught and ripped off my neck. I have a precious cross and it went flying in the water. I also have a miraculous medal that flew off but landed on the very edge of the dock. Time elapsed as it was windy and we had to settle the boat, turn off the motor, etc.

My son got some goggles and dove in. I sat on the boat repeating the St. Anthony Novena again and again. After diving time and again, my son’s hand emerged from the water holding between his fingers my cross. It had landed face up so it glimmered at him.

I thanked St. Anthony and said, “There is nothing keeping me from my road trip next Saturday!”

Thank you so much,


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