Fr. John Quigley on Mary and Francis

Fr. John Quigley on Mary and Francis

Fr. John Quigley, a Franciscan friar and priest from our Province is an accomplished public speaker, a talented artist, preacher and human rights activist. He leads retreats and pilgrimages to Assisi and Rome. And as if that was not enough, he’s just a really kind and gentle man.

In the video by Franciscan Media, Fr. John says of the incarnation, "The most important and the most incredible experience of the whole universe is happening in this little girl’s body."

Watch Mary, the Virgin Mother of God, below:

Fr. John has led many retreats and pilgrimages around the world and in Assisi, Italy. In this video about St. Francis, he speaks of a difficult event that broke the life of young Francis. “His salvation was to cling to the other victim. The other innocent victim, Jesus Christ Crucified, who suffered and died for us.”

Watch, St. Francis of Assisi, below:

Visit Fr. John's website to watch more videos, view his art, and register for his next pilgrimage to Assisi and Rome in the spring of 2019. Registration ends October 15, 2018.

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