A Franciscan Christmas 2019

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For unto you a child is born ~ Bring your friends and family to ‘A Franciscan Christmas’ in historic Over-the-Rhine in Cincinnati.  Enter the courtyard of St. Francis Seraph Church on the corner of Liberty and Vine to meditate on…

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Fr. John Quigley on Mary and Francis

Jesus, Saint Francis

Fr. John Quigley, a Franciscan friar and priest from our Province is an accomplished public speaker, a talented artist, preacher and human rights activist. He leads retreats and pilgrimages to Assisi and Rome. And as if that was not enough,…

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Pay a devotional visit to the St. Anthony Shrine

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If you have not been able to visit the St. Anthony Shrine in person yet, why not plan a road trip with family or friends in 2018? Check out our video and see why so many others find solace…

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Oops! St. Anthony found our lost page.

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Page found! ~ Our Lent with Saint Anthony pocket booklet is perfect in many ways, but we recently discovered that it is missing a page. The page with the prayers and reflections for February 24, also known as the…

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How do you become a friar?

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Is God calling you? ~ Fr. Richard Goodin, Director of Vocations, is here to help you with the process of becoming a friar. In a new series of videos Fr. Richard maps out the process. The first…

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Lent with the Franciscans

Jesus, Lent and Easter, Newsletter, Prayer, Saint Francis

Lent Preparations with Roger Lopez, OFM from Franciscan Media on Vimeo. Franciscan Media and the Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land have online resources for your best Lent ever. ~ Franciscan Media, our publishing ministry,…

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St. Anthony has never failed John

Jesus, Newsletter, Prayer, Saint Anthony

“You have never failed me” ~ With a lost right leg and at 66 years of age, I keep my handicap van keys and house keys on a clip on my electric wheelchair. I got out of the van,…

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Free pocket-size Lent with St. Anthony prayer book

Jesus, Lent and Easter, Newsletter, Prayer, Saint Anthony

Ash Wednesday is on Valentine’s day, February 14 ~ We are pleased to offer you the 2018 pocket book, Lent with St. Anthony by Fr. Pat McCloskey, OFM.  It includes prayers and reflections that we hope will assist you on your…

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A tiny gesture of hope in Detroit

Jesus, Missions, Newsletter, Prayer, Saint Francis

Friars Alex Kratz, Maynard Tetreault, and Louie Zant at St. Moses the Black friary in Detroit Friars are welcomed by a neighborhood that needs them ~ There are four signs on the building announcing the presence of…

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Christmas at St Anthony's Kitchen

Advent and Christmas, Jesus, Missions, Newsletter, Saint Anthony, Saint Francis

Santa didn’t disappoint the children at St. Anthony’s Kitchen. While family and friends were back home freezing in Cincinnati, I was roasting my earlobes off on the hot and sunny Friday before Christmas. Kids and grown-ups were gathering…

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