Grateful for St. Anthony help as mom ages

Grateful for St. Anthony help as mom ages

text thought bubble

Denise sent us not one, but two, St. Anthony stories.

Dear Shrine staff,

hearing aids

My brother texted me this photo of Mom's hearing aids that St. Anthony helped find.

Today was the second time my 98-year-old Mom lost her expensive hearing aids. My two brothers were searching all over her small condo for them to no avail. I'm in Florida but I texted the St. Anthony prayer:

“St. Anthony, St. Anthony, please come around, something is lost and can't be found.”

A few minutes later my brother texted me a picture of her hearing aids. She had placed them in a tissue in her dresser drawer. I was SO grateful he heard my prayer. And the tissue was folded up so my brother really had to search for the hearing aids.


Then a few months later we received another email from Denise:

Shrine staff,

glasses in zip lock bag

Mom's glasses

Here’s another St. Anthony story. My Mom lost her glasses yesterday. Today my brother and I searched everywhere and I recited the St. Anthony prayer. I looked in one of her drawers and she must have put them in a plastic bag. My Mom and brother were sitting on the couch and as I approached them I said, “St. Anthony, St. Anthony!” And my brother said, “Oh Denise, don’t start that again.”

He didn’t see I already had the glasses in my hand. I said, “Paul, look!” He was shocked, asked me where I found them. So I said, “Don’t ever doubt the power of St. Anthony for helping to find lost items.”

At my Mom’s age it’s happening more and more, I think if I didn’t have St. Anthony helping me to find her lost items I’d go nuts! :)


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