Hats off to St. Anthony for his help!

Hats off to St. Anthony for his help!

boy snorkeling underwater

St. Anthony and God are amazing!

I have an amazing story to share. My sister-in-law lost her hat while swimming in the lake today. By the time she knew it was gone it was nowhere to be seen. We looked and searched about 20 minutes. While looking I said to myself, “Tony, Tony, look around, a hat is lost and would like to be found.”

woman in sun hat by waterWell, nothing. We were giving up, planning the memorial service for her favorite hat... lol. Then, a family shows up with a young man and when I turned around he was unpacking his snorkeling gear. I kid you not, Tony sent a kid with a mask and he found the hat.

I have asked Tony for help since my mother taught me that prayer as a child yet have never had such a dramatic response.

Saint Anthony and God are amazing!


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