"He'll never let you down!"

"He'll never let you down!"

Glasses found!

We receive many letters from our readers about St. Anthony.  Here's one from Linda in Amherst.

Dear Sirs,

I really never knew much about St. Anthony until recently.

I asked for his help to find my glasses, which I need for driving.  I do have a habit of taking them off for close work – I had been in a craft show at our local parish, so I was back and forth checking all the places I had been.

Finally after three days I was on my way to Walmart to order new ones that would cost around $200.00 so I asked St. Anthony again.  I got the impression to go in the church, I sing in the choir and sometimes I hang them on the rack for the music books – there they were!

I was so excited to see them I shouted, “Thanks St. Anthony!”  Now a wedding rehearsal was taking place and a woman in the back of the church exclaimed, “He’ll never let you down!”


Linda in Amherst

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