Photos found! Thank you St. Anthony!

Photos found! Thank you St. Anthony!

NYC photos

Do you share the love of St. Anthony with your friends?  Share how he intercedes to the Lord for their needs.

Dear Fr. John,

My St. Anthony story involves my dear friend of 60 years, Helen.  Every time she loses something important, she calls and asks me to pray to St. Anthony for her.  He has come to her aid several times.  This last time she had mislaid $200, a new shirt for her son-in-law and most treasured by her…a disposable camera that she had taken on a trip to NYC.  A very fine artist, she took pictures of people that inspired her.

She was most excited about developing them because she felt they would inspire her to hard and joyful work again. The loss of the camera was so upsetting to her that she was beginning to despair of finding it.  She started praying to St. Anthony (also called for my prayers).

I got a joyous call from her to let me know that St. Anthony helped her…she found the camera!  I didn’t mention that Helen is Jewish but relies on my prayers.  She has been inspired to go the more direct route.

Yours truly,


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