Prayers answered through intercession of St. Clare

Prayers answered through intercession of St. Clare

Icon of St. Clare of Assisi in the Franciscan Monastery of St. Clare in Cincinnati

The St. Clare Novena was very well received. Over 3,000 people signed up and received the daily emails with the prayers for that day as well as the audio of Sr. Vicki Griner from the Poor Clares reciting the prayers.

Many people mentioned that they liked receiving the email reminder each day for nine days and actually missed them when it concluded. Others liked learning about St. Clare and what a force she had been.

Some people asked if we could put the entire novena on the web site in case they wanted to do it again on their own. We did that and you can find it here.

Here are just a few of the comments and answered prayers from people that prayed with us.

Hello Friarworks,
I was honored to participate in the novena for this beloved saint with the beautiful eyes. In the past few months, I've struggled with the direction God wants me to take, job-wise. Soon after I started the novena, I got two calls for opportunities. Not sure where these will end up, or even if they are the "ones." However, it lifted my spirits and brought me focus again.
Thank you for your ministry!
Peace, TR


Thank you for the novena to St. Clare I wasn't aware of this Saint until your novena prayers came up on my e-mail through Franciscan Media. I will always keep her in my prayers and ask of her assistance in my life.

Thank you for providing the novena. My husband is going into a work transition, as are our lives. Yesterday I felt like prayers are being answered as we discussed possibilities. I trust in St. Clare's intercessory prayer. Thank you for your prayers!


For the last 6 weeks or so, I realize I had been under attack within and without. I could not see a way forward except by running away from the situation. In the meanwhile a few others in our church who try to do as much as they can were also under attack, but I could only think of myself. Today - I have been given light! (in answer to my petition to St Clare)! Now I can see how to proceed in the light of the Holy Spirit. I have repented of my inward attitude and now I have been able to encourage these others in our little, poor Catholic parish to keep cheerfully working in Christ for peace and unity, no matter our poverty.

Thank you St Clare! Thank you for the Novena prayers. Thank you for the blessing.


On the 6th day of the St. Clare Novena, my prayer was answered. I was having trouble seeing from my left eye. My primary care physician wanted to run tests to see if I had a brain tumor. My rheumatologist wanted to run tests to see if medication had built up in my eye and perhaps my retina had detached. When I started the novena, I felt a prompting or urging to see my eye doctor. What he found was that I had developed a very large floater that was a benign condition. I believe that gentle voice was St. Clare that led me in the right direction, which saved me hundreds of dollars in expensive medical tests.
Thank you, St. Clare!

The Solemn Novena in Honor of St. Francis of Assisi begins on September 25. If you would like to receive the prayers for each day in your email inbox, sign-up here.

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