Revival School Project: Goal and Objectives

Revival School Project: Goal and Objectives

Early childhood education institutions play a crucial role in the development of young children, especially those in rural areas of the developing world. In Jamaica, these rural areas that are often forgotten about are called “The Bush”. We are working to build an Infant Department (school for children 3-6 years old), add new primary school classrooms, and add an integrated bathroom. Currently, the students have to walk outside and across a parking lot to use the restroom. All of this work is for the Revival School Building Project. The current primary school is in the cool hills of Western Westmoreland, Jamaica that surround the city of Negril.  

But the overall goal is bigger than just building an Infant Department, some classrooms, and a bathroom for a rundown Primary School in a village called Revival aka "The Bush." Rather, the goal of this project is to alleviate educational inequalities, foster holistic development, and provide underprivileged children with an equal opportunity to succeed in life. In doing this, the children of today are the hope for Jamaica’s tomorrow. 

Objectives of the Revival Building Project: 

  1. Promote healthy development: The Revival School Building Project will give children access to quality education starting at three years old to support their holistic development. It focuses on building cognitive, motor, social, and emotional skills while instilling Christian values and providing a strong foundation for lifelong learning.
  1. Improve school readiness: The Revival School Building Project will help children enter primary school more prepared and ready to learn. The students who graduate from the Infant Department will have developed basic skills, such as language, numeracy, and problem-solving abilities. This skill development will enhance their chances of succeeding academically. The additional classroom space and bathroom facilities will allow children to learn in a clean environment and have access to the bathrooms regardless of the weather outside. 
  1. Reduce educational disparities: In “The Bush” children often face a range of barriers to education including a lack of resources, trained teachers, and educational infrastructure. The Revival School Building Project will help to reduce educational disparities by providing children with crucial learning opportunities in their early years, thereby setting them on a more level playing field.
  1. Enhance cognitive abilities: The early years of a child's life are critical for brain development. The Revival Infant Department will stimulate the brains of these young students, promoting cognitive growth, and improving overall cognitive abilities. This translates into improved academic performance and increased learning potential in the future.
  1. Foster social skills and emotional well-being: The Revival Infant Department will allow for social interaction, sharing, cooperation, and conflict resolution among children. It also provides a safe and supportive environment that promotes emotional well-being, resilience, and self-confidence. These social and emotional skills are essential for success both inside and outside the classroom.
  1. Empower communities: The Revival School Building Project will empower the communities where the students live by equipping children with the knowledge and skills necessary for personal and community development. It increases the likelihood of continued education, reduces dropout rates, and increases future employment prospects for students.  Ultimately, it increases their chances of breaking the cycle of poverty and contributes positively to the progress and development of their communities and the nation of Jamaica.

In conclusion, the Revival School Building Project plays a vital role in the education and development of children in “The Bush.” It not only provides young children with a solid foundation for further education but also supports their overall growth and well-being. Investing in the Revival Building Project will have long-lasting positive effects on the students, their communities, and the entire nation of Jamaica. 



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