St. Anthony answers first time plea

St. Anthony answers first time plea

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The first-time plea to St. Anthony

I'm very grateful to St. Anthony as he has helped me so many times in my religious life.

My first plea to St. Anthony was around 5 years ago when I visited my 90-year-old uncle in Italy.  I traveled to Italy with our priest, Fr. Cheung, who is a zealous believer of St. Anthony's intercessory power.

St Anthony prayerWhen we arrived at my uncle’s home at about 6:00 pm, we learned that he had spent the entire afternoon looking for his glasses without success.  Fr. Cheung said, “Ask St. Anthony to help find the glasses."

This was my first time to ask St. Anthony to help find something lost.

My uncle's house is very big and I was worried that we would never find his glasses.  So I started praying and walking around the house.  I called St. Anthony’s name in my heart and within 5 minutes I saw the glasses under a big desk.  My uncle was very surprised. He asked me how I could find the glasses in 5 minutes when he had spent the entire afternoon looking for them.

Then I told to him that I prayed and called on St. Anthony for help.  My uncle was very happy and thanked St. Anthony.

library deskI was very excited because that was my first time to ask St. Anthony for help, and he responded very quickly!  That made a great impression on me!

From that day, I started to read about St. Anthony’s life, his holy virtue and how people often pray to him when they lose things.

When I don't understand the way of God in my life, I keep praying to St. Anthony.  He inspires my spiritual understanding very quickly, I know that my comprehension isn't from my ability, it comes from St. Anthony.

I have many experiences with St. Anthony.  He is like my close brother, I want to share his miracles with everyone!


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