St. Anthony ends search for prescription

St. Anthony ends search for prescription

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Turn to St. Anthony

I was running low on one of my medications so I got a refill from my pharmacy.

When I needed the medicine, I did a casual search in the usual places around my house but it was nowhere to be found. I called the pharmacy and asked for a replacement. Finally, I was given a 7-day supply because it was an emergency.

On the recommendation of the pharmacist, I called my medical insurance company that handles my prescriptions expecting them to help with a payment override for this emergency replacement of my medicine. The company refused so I paid the out-of-pocket price because I really needed the pills. However, the cost was many times over the insurance cost and I definitely was not happy.

At home, I continued searching for the lost medicine refill. I prayed to St. Anthony who has never failed me before. I must admit I was getting a little worried because five days of replacement pills had passed and it seemed I would have only two left. And I must admit my faith in St. Anthony was a little shaky for a bit. So I prayed again, urgently, to St. Anthony and found a strong determination to tear up the apartment living area to find it. I went over the same areas many times. With what I believe to be a spiritual strengthening from St. Anthony, I went into a box that was sitting on the floor covered by a small blanket.

You know the end of the story. Lo and behold, I found the missing bottle way down in the corner of that sizable box. The box had not even been opened. This is just one of many astonishing favors from St. Anthony. I thank him and am grateful to him wholeheartedly. You know your friends in times of need. And his answers show that he is just as earthy as we are.

Turn to St. Anthony. I readily vouch for his intercession.


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