St. Anthony heard Gregory's plea

St. Anthony heard Gregory's plea


bunch of leaves

The ground was covered with leaves. Photo by Marilyn Wilson

St. Anthony heard my plea.

Recently, I was taking a walk enjoying the autumn leaves when I took a hard tumble onto the sidewalk. After I gathered myself I realized that my keys were lost.

st anthony statueI spent a great deal of time searching through the leaves. It was starting to get dark and I was getting into a bit of panic. The keys must be buried in the leaves but how would I ever find them?

I finally called out to St. Anthony for Help. Shortly thereafter, I saw a tiny gleaming metal buried amongst the leaves against a metal fence. I shouldn't have seen them, but I truly believe St. Anthony heard my plea and directed me towards them. I was so relieved, kind of in shock and awe!

Thank you St. Anthony, thank you so very much! I love you.


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