St. Anthony Helps a Grieving Family

St. Anthony Helps a Grieving Family

headshot of Debbie's father in his Navy uniform

Debbie's father when he served in the Navy

"My story occurred shortly after my dad died in 2012 on the Feast of the Epiphany. When my dad died, my mom tried and tried to find his picture from when he was in the Navy for the funeral service. She finally gave up. I asked if I could help, but Mom said she’d looked everywhere. I told her about St. Anthony, so she said to give it a try. I prayed to St. Anthony, went to Mom’s closet, and the first thing I opened was a canvas bag with Dad’s Navy picture! Though my Mom is not Catholic (she's a very faithful Methodist), from then on, she has asked me to pray to St. Anthony if she misplaces something. I always feel he gives me a little extra help since I was born on his feast day, June 13th."

—Debbie F. W.

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