St. Anthony Helps a Teacher

St. Anthony Helps a Teacher

desks in a school classroom

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At the end of one school day, I noticed that one of my favorite earrings was missing. I looked around my classroom for the silver and gold hoop earring, but it was nowhere to be found. As I packed my bag, the school custodian, Tyler, came in with a large dust mop to clean my room. I asked him to please keep an eye out for my earring. As I left the school, I prayed to St. Anthony for help in finding my lost earring.

The next morning, I arrived to a clean room. As I put my book bag on my desk, I saw my earring on the floor directly under my chair! It was so strange to see it lying right there where I had looked before. I was overjoyed to find it.

Later that day, Tyler told me that he didn't find the earring even though he swept the entire classroom. I showed him the earring and told him it was under my chair. We both recognized the obvious.

Thank you, St. Anthony!


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