St. Anthony Helps during Darkest Times

St. Anthony Helps during Darkest Times

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Trust in St. Anthony

This has been a terrible year for us, as it has been for so many.

My husband has been suffering with severe COPD along with acute lung problems, which have left him in very bad shape. He is also recuperating from cancer. A few weeks ago he fell and we were unable to get him up. As you can imagine, he has been very afraid of ever having to go into a hospital due to COVID-19.

The decision was taken out of his hands, as he wound up with two surgical operations along with numerous CT scans, MRIs and x-rays. He was hospitalized for seven days. Now he is home, but he cannot walk without the use of a walker, and that is not very easy for him. His breathing is better, so we are grateful for that. I have been disabled for 4 years and also need a walker, but we still decided he should come home.

Shortly after coming home, we discovered that his wallet was missing. This really topped everything off because now he had lost all his IDs and credit cards, social security and insurance cards, etc. There was money in the wallet, but I prayed to St. Anthony just for the return of the wallet. If someone had found it and taken the money, that was OK, I just wanted the wallet back.

After looking for a week, the wallet suddenly showed up today in a place we had both looked numerous times.

Thank you, St. Anthony, along with the Holy Trinity, Holy Family, angels, and saints for your help. The money that was in the wallet is being donated to a St. Anthony's Bread.

God bless you all,


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