St. Anthony helps during a trying time

St. Anthony helps during a trying time


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Trust in St. Anthony

In September 2019, three days into our holiday in London, my family and I were devastated when my older daughter suffered convulsions at the Waterloo Station and had to be rushed to the hospital. She was found to have a massive clot in her brain and a dislocated shoulder with a fracture as well.

train station

The busy Waterloo Station in London.

My worried sister and I spent the first night with her in the hospital. The following night my younger daughter stayed with her sister. The next day she found that she had misplaced her pouch, which contained all of her hard-earned holiday money in various currencies, gold rings, and ATM and SIM cards.

We reported it to the ward staff and also to the lost and found department of the huge hospital. I turned to St. Anthony as I have always done as a child and urged my daughter to also pray for his intercession for her sister's healing and for her lost bag. I also sent in a prayer request to the St. Anthony Shrine.

Thankfully our oldest daughter had greatly improved and was out of the hospital after about one week, but our youngest daughter’s bag was still missing. I read somewhere that St. Anthony needed some cajoling at times, so I prayed aloud saying, “St Anthony, you are not doing your job!”

British currencyThe very next day, as we accompanied my older daughter to the hospital for her follow-up, I approached the ward staff again regarding the wallet. This time, the ward sister sent a nurse to interview my daughter to authenticate items that had been found and locked up in a safe.

Yes, that was my daughter’s property, all intact and returned to her. We left the UK ten days later, and if not for this return trip to the ward instead of the outpatient's department, the items would have been gone forever. Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, St. Anthony!


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