St. Anthony helps with more than finding items

St. Anthony helps with more than finding items

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Nothing worked until I prayed to St. Anthony

Like many people, I have been helped by St. Anthony to find lost things. He has helped me SO OFTEN that I hesitate to bother him with my continued losses.

But yesterday I learned that he helps not only with lost objects, but with other kinds of loss as well. I found myself on a routine errand, in a supermarket to buy groceries, when suddenly I lost the use of my left arm. The arm became numb and unresponsive. I could not finish my tasks.

Immediately, I thought this might be a residual effect of a stroke I had suffered a year earlier. I used every trick I could think of in order to restore circulation to my arm. I grabbed it with my operational right hand and beat it against a wall, and moved it in every direction.

Nothing worked until I said a prayer to St. Anthony, and the full use and sensation in my left arm returned. Now, the next day, it is normal.

I hope this brief story helps others to see that St. Anthony responds to cries for help regarding many kinds of loss, not only lost objects. Should anyone who reads this story be inspired to turn to St. Anthony in prayer as I hope, I also hope they will remember to mention my intentions as well.


(Berlin, Germany)

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