St. Anthony leads the way

St. Anthony leads the way


You can't get lost when St. Anthony is in charge.
Just ask Rosalie.

Dear Franciscans,

Do you keep a list of St. Anthony’s favors?  I can’t count how many times he has saved me time and stress.

Our roads have been incredibly backed up with construction projects.  Recently, I was looking for a medical supply company in an area of town I wasn’t familiar with, when I realized I didn’t know whether I was heading east or west.  I pulled over and asked my husband to pray with me to St. Anthony.

I had no sooner spoken when a van marked Binsons Medical Supply came by on the inside lane and made a Michigan turn-around.  Miraculously, there were no cars behind us in the other two lanes, and I followed the van directly to the store!

Enclosed is a donation for St. Anthony’s Poor.

-- Rosalie in Michigan

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