St. Anthony and the Power of Prayer

St. Anthony and the Power of Prayer

family on porch

Aaron Hughes, far left, snaps a family photo.

The power of prayer

I was moved by the St. Anthony Shrine's inspiring and thought-provoking newsletter about the Solemn Novena to St. Anthony. I truly discovered the power of prayer when I requested prayers for my son Aaron, who has been in the hospital at Stanford Medical Center for two months after being diagnosed with a serious heart problem. After trying different medications to improve his condition, the doctors concluded that Aaron required a heart transplant.

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Roger Hughes with Fr. Jim Bok in Jamaica.

After further examination and review of Aaron’s health, the doctors discovered that Aaron had a lung problem, and he could not have a heart transplant unless his lungs improved through medication. His lungs did not improve from the medication prescribed, and the ultimate decision was that both his heart and lungs would have to be replaced.

The hospital had to wait for a donor of both organs from one person with the same blood type. A donor was found, and the surgery was scheduled the following day. A few hours before surgery, the surgeons discovered that the donor’s lungs were not suitable for a transplant, and the surgery was cancelled.

After a week, a donor with an excellent heart and strong lungs was found and the surgery was scheduled the following day. The surgery was successful, and Aaron is now recovering.

man in hospital

Roger's son Aaron

Our family has been through a lot, but we feel blessed knowing that our son has crossed his first hurdle. He now faces the next hurdle, the possibility of rejection, where his body will not accept his new organs. He is being medicated for this possibility and will be monitored for some time, possibly for the rest of his life.

I was finally able to visit Aaron, whom I had not seen in months, and I was relieved and elated to see him smile. He is not able to speak, but we had a meaningful conversation. Currently, his visits are closely monitored, and only one person can visit him at a time from a list of three people: Aaron’s wife, Sandy, my wife, Lorene, and me.

We continually pray for his successful recovery. I truly believe in the power of prayer and I have visited your St. Anthony website for prayer intentions. Thank you, St Anthony, in this Easter season as we celebrate Christ’s life.

Roger Hughes

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