St. Anthony, a spiritual bloodhound

St. Anthony, a spiritual bloodhound


 Patricia found a 'miraculous friend' in St. Anthony

As a convert, I had never heard of St. Anthony until middle age. However, I soon found a 'miraculous friend' in him. He has found many misplaced and lost things for me and always left me feeling uplifted to boot.

St. Anthony & candlesTen months ago I lost my wallet just before Christmas with virtually my whole life in it including my driver's license, money and all my plastics. I reported it to the police and after a few weeks and begging St. Anthony to help out, I proceeded to replace all that was in there. I said to my family that this must be a tough one even for St. Anthony.

Ten months later there was a knock at the door and 2 young lady chemist assistants asked if I had lost a wallet and asked my name. Apparently I had left it in a chemist shop that I seldom visit.  When it was found, it had been placed 'temporarily' in their lost property bin and forgotten about. It was soon covered over with various other things being flung in hastily because of the Christmas rush.

It was only when it became full that they unearthed it and found that only my address was on things and no phone number. They turned up on my doorstep nearly a year later, with wallet in hand. Nothing had been changed. Everything including the cash was still in there untouched. I thanked the girls and St. Anthony out loud and insisted they take a reward for themselves for their trouble. I was overjoyed to have something so personal back in my life.

Maybe I was meant to change all those cards for some reason. Who knows? St. Anthony does pick his time occasionally, but if it's findable, he is like a 'spiritual bloodhound' on the job and seems to be inexhaustible. He is so very loving. I tell one and all about him.

Thank you, adorable St. Anthony.

Patricia in Australia

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