St Anthony’s help guides Colleen to the hidden box.

St Anthony’s help guides Colleen to the hidden box.

ceramic Christmas castle

Colleen's cherished Christmas castle decoration.

In April, we moved from Ohio to Georgia. After 27 years in the same house, there was a lot of purging, selling, donating and giving things away to nieces and nephews. We are still trying to find things almost 7 months later.

angel in green dress

Colleen's beloved Christmas angel

When it was time to decorate for Christmas, surprisingly we found most of our lights and decorations, but there were a few of my favorite Christmas decorations missing. I went through box after box in our big storage closet. My husband also went through the boxes. We just thought that somehow it ended up in the wrong pile and somebody else had them. I was pretty bummed. They both had sentimental value to me.

After almost giving up, I realized that I had not asked for St. Anthony’s help. What was I thinking? I stopped and said a prayer to St. Anthony and promised a gift to the poor. I made my small donation and had a little pity party.

Later that day, because I am a little relentless, I decided to try one more time. I felt guided to a box that was somewhat hidden.  I opened that box and found my favorite castle and tree angel right on top, as well as a few things that I did not know I was missing.

Thank you, St. Anthony for your intercession. Every time I look at my castle and angel sitting on the table, I smile and say a thank you for your help.


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