Valerie never doubts St. Anthony's intercession

Valerie never doubts St. Anthony's intercession

dog lying on bed with pink toy

Valerie's sweet rescue Shepherd relaxes with precious toy.

Never doubt St. Anthony's great love and power

woman with dog

Valerie and her sweet dog

St. Anthony will always be so special to me!

I remember growing up and hearing (in Italian) prayers for St. Anthony to help find lost items. My prayers were a bit different, I prayed for a very sick dog. You see, I adopted/rescued a German shepherd/Swiss Shepherd mixed dog. I needed her and she needed me… the beginning of our story. Then out of the blue she became very, very ill. From local vets to a specialty vet hospital a good distance from home, we were told it was advanced liver disease and her chances weren’t good.

black dog standing by red doorShe'd  had a very rough life and was such a sweet girl. I just couldn’t bear the thought of her not knowing a good life and love. But after much effort by the hospital (and more money than I had) they said it was time for that conversation.

NO! I refused and instead prayed to my St. Anthony, my benefactor and with his aid my girl is still with me 2 years later!!!

Never, never doubt St. Anthony’s great love and power. Thank you St. Anthony with all my heart.


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