Hearing St. Anthony

Newsletter, Prayer, Saint Anthony

Paul heard, “Stop and get out of the vehicle.” ~ I wasn’t going to explain the check, but I changed my mind. The $100 check is what I promised St. Anthony if he would help me locate my wedding…

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Resources for your journey through Lent

Lent and Easter, Newsletter, Pope Francis, Prayer, Saint Francis

Let the Franciscans guide you through Lent. ~ So many people wanted the popular pocket-size booklet, Lent with St. Francis, 2017: Meditations and Prayers for Each Day of Lent, that we ran out! But you can read the electronic version…

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What is salvation?

Newsletter, Prayer, Saint Francis

‘Crucifixion and Saints’ by Fra Angelico (1441-1442) Public domain Fr. Jim Van Vurst, OFM, answers the question of salvation ~ From time to time in talking with good and faithful people, I realize they have a basic misunderstanding…

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Navy Veteran Frank Silva Pledges 10% of Estate to Franciscans

Missions, Newsletter, Prayer, Saint Francis

Frank Silva serving in Vietnam in the early 1970’s What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… Not as far as Las Vegas resident Frank Silva is concerned. ~ The retired U.S. Navy Petty Officer, who has lived in…

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The Christmas that almost wasn't

Advent and Christmas, Events, Missions, Newsletter, Prayer, Saint Anthony, Saint Francis

Volunteer Tom Grassa, Sr. Francesca, and Br. Al Mascia filled the Care’avan with hundreds of useful items to be turned into CarePax and distributed on the streets of Detroit You think I’d know better by now. ~ 2017…

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