Gifts that pay you

Gifts that pay you

Support the Franciscans, get a tax-break and lifetime income with a Charitable Gift Annuity

If getting a tax deduction and income for life would brighten your financial outlook, consider supporting the Franciscans with a Charitable Gift Annuity. Here are 6 ways a gift annuity may benefit you:

  • Guarantees income with fixed payments for life
  • Grants an immediate income tax deduction for those that itemize
  • Offers an attractive alternative to CD's
  • Reduces capital gains tax when funded with appreciated securities
  • Allows you to provide income to others
  • Gives you the satisfaction of supporting our Friars and ministries

Sample annuity rates for one person:

For more information about gift annuities, contact Colleen Cushard, Co-Director, Franciscan Ministry & Mission, at 513-721-4700 or

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