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A lifetime of faith and service

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Dorothy and Bill Harmeyer are members of the St. Anthony Legacy Circle. Six Decades of Love, Family and Community Lead Couple to Create Legacy Continuing Lifetime of Faith and Service Almost six decades after their marriage, and still living…

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Gifts that pay you

Support the Friars

Support the Franciscans, get a tax-break and lifetime income with a Charitable Gift Annuity If getting a tax deduction and income for life would brighten your financial outlook, consider supporting the Franciscans with a Charitable Gift Annuity. Here are…

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A blessing beyond measure

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Thank you from Raymond and Marie Rose Sometimes it’s hard to imagine how financial contributions actually impact the lives of those less fortunate. Donations are sent off with thoughts, prayers, and knowledge that others are being helped, but it’s…

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Survey results

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Fr. John Bok with a parishioner Thank you! ~ We wish to thank everyone who participated in our recent online survey. We received some 600 completed surveys and are grateful for the opinions, insights and ideas shared by…

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Tax-Free IRA Gifts

Estate Planning, Newsletter, Support the Friars

A Tax-Wise Way to Help the Franciscans ~ IRA owners now have the option of satisfying their required minimum distribution with an easy-to-arrange IRA gift to qualified nonprofit organizations, like the Franciscans of St. John the Baptist Province.

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Older Adults Leverage Age for Greater Returns

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Charitable gift annuities provide donors with an immediate tax deduction, guaranteed fixed payments for life, and the satisfaction of providing future support for the Franciscans.  As annuity rates are based on the age of the person establishing the annuity,…

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Julia left us laughing

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Friar Works Co-Director Colleen Cushard I love my job! ~ Usually when I got a call from Julia, I would hang up afterwards laughing and shaking my head.  One of our longtime supporters, she was a feisty and…

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Book raises $17,000 for Jamaican Missions.

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Author Barb Coyle holds her book, “In the Land of “Soon Come” illustrated by 14-year-old Taylor Kling. I wrote in a previous newsletter that Barb had written a children’s book called In the Land of Soon Come.  The…

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In Praise of a Franciscan Friend Whose Legacy Reflected Her Life

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Barbara Sonnenberg “I loved her dry sense of humor and her ability to engage you in intelligent conversation,” says Sister Ann Bartko, abbess of the Monastery of St. Clare in Cincinnati, of the late Barbara Sonnenberg.  “ I experienced…

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