August 2, First day of the Novena to St. Clare

As we begin the Novena to St. Clare, let us unite with all people who are praying this novena around the world.


Sr. Anna Marie Covelly, OSC

Today is the day of the Portiuncula Indulgence. St. Francis asked for this privilege out of his concern for all the people who would be unable to make pilgrimages to the Holy Land or other sacred shrines.

St. Clare also had a great concern for others. In the Process of Canonization, we read about the many times she prayed over/with her sisters for cures of all kinds. St. Clare was cloistered at San Damiano, outside the city walls, but she wasn’t distant from the people or from the town of her birth. We hear of the many miracles that occurred among the people who came to the monastery seeking help and consolation.

There is also an account of the penances and intercessions she and her sisters offered for the city of Assisi. When the city was in danger of attack by Vitalis d’Aversa, the captain of the Imperial Army, St. Clare called her sisters together and they covered their heads in ashes as they prayed for the deliverance of the city. Shortly afterward, the army dispersed and the city was saved. This liberation is still celebrated each year.

In our novena today, we are asked to pray with/for all those who are joining in this novena around the world. Let us bring all our needs, hopes, and longings to this prayer as we unite with each other.

Sr. Anna Marie Covely, OSC

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