August 4, Third day of the Novena to St. Clare

Prayer for those suffering from broken relationships and family struggles


Sr. Rita Cheong, OSC

St. Clare, we ask you for your prayers for all those who struggle with and suffer from broken relationships with families, friends, and nations. We recall the story in which you brought reconciliation to the family of Lord Ugolino di Pietro Girardone, who accepted his wife back after she had separated from him for over twenty years; moreover, after coming back home, she gave him great joy by conceiving a son. These things happened through your prayers.

And also, St. Clare, please pray for Ukraine so that the people there may find peace. Bring freedom back to their land just as you saved the Monastery of San Damiano and the city of Assisi through your ardent prayer when it was invaded by Saracens.

We greatly honor your holy manner of life, and we trust the power of your prayers as we pray that those suffering from painful brokenness and struggles may find peace in their lives.

Sr. Rita Cheong, OSC

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