August 5, Fourth day of the Novena to St. Clare

Pray for healing for those who are sick and for guidance for doctors, medical professional, and caretakers.


Sr. Mary Pia Malaborbor, OSC

During St. Clare’s lifetime, many people who were sick came to San Damiano for healing. After St. Clare made the sign of the cross over a sick person, the person was cured. There was also an incident when St. Clare asked a boy to go to her mother, Blessed Ortolana of Assisi, for a cure.

The miraculous healings happened with St. Clare’s life of prayer and sacrifices, and her faith in God as well as the faith of the people who came to her. St. Clare’s gesture of leading the boy to her mother is also an act of trusting and letting other people help.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, it became apparent that the doctors, nurses, caretakers, and all those who care for the afflicted need the support and help of each other. We pray for them, that they may continue to recognize each other’s gifts and accept guidance to bring about the completion of their ministry. They have fully dedicated themselves to helping the sick, risking their health and lives while sacrificing time with their families. We pray also for their good health and safety. We pray for healing for all the sick and afflicted. We pray for all this through the intercession of St. Clare.

Sr. Mary Pia Malaborbor

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